Nepalese Armed forces, also known as Nepal army is an empire wide army with a untarnished record of last 2.5 centuries in all warfare from internal warfare such was war against drugs to peaceful foreign deployments and even war. It is an all rounder excellence which has always shown itself to be invincible and as a redoubtable force. Troops are hardened, brave who are happy to give up their life for better good of the state. Troops have shown extraordinary courage and usually fight till last drop of blood flows in their veins and their lungs are capable of taking last of air
                                                                            "If a man says he is not afraid of death, he is either lying or is Nepal Army"
                                                                                                                                                    -Swedish field marshal in 2030 BS
Nepal armed forces, is a collective force of Nepal Land Force, Nepal Navy and Nepal Airforce which in turn of course includes military of autonomous states and semi-autonomous state. 
Population available for military service

Active Personal

Main reserve personal 

Full Reserve personal

Trained population 
1,684,000,000 (15-64)