Foreign Ministry bans travel to Free Missouri

Foreign minister has reported that he had observed  that situation in Free Missouri is getting increasingly volatile and  diplomatic relation of Great Nepal and Free Missouri is degrading each minute. As such, it is deemed unsafe for any Nepali civilian to be in the said nation for any reason. 
He also revealed in Bucharest, Autonomous state of Romania that a total travel ban has been placed against Free Missouri and he shall make every provision to bring back all the Nepalese in Free Missouri.
He has also made it clear that anyone who had got a plan for travel to Free Missouri shall get a full refund from government. They should contact government from hotline or email at with appropriate evidence.                     

Free Missouri ignores ultimatum

11 Falgun 2067
Ministry of Defense has conformed reports that it has not received any indication from government of Free Missouri to prevent a war and follow ultimatum given by foreign ministry of Great Nepal on 10th Falgun, even though the time was extended from original 8 hours to 24 hours by decision of cabinet in order to prevent war.
To quote honored Mr. Shaker Sharma,  minister of defense "we have given them more than enough time to respond to our reasonable demands however they chose to ignore it. We did everything to prevent war however it seems Free Missouri has other ideas. We may be in war soon."
Government however has made it clear that any such actions shall not affect civilian life and it shall only be a minor war in which Great Nepal shall achieve an easy victory. 

War on Drugs Over

11 Falgun 2067
Today it has been revealed that drug traffickers are defeated against joint operation of Nepal Army, Empire Police and metropolitan Police. A recent raid in Beijing has captured over 9000 gm of various types of illegal drugs making it the largest captured amount since the beginning of war on drugs in 2050 BS. It was the main center of drug dealers in entire Nepal Empire as far as it is known. Nepal army was forced to fire 50 rounds after the traffickers fired at the army and police force in desperate attempt to escape. The loss on the raid was 20 government forces dead, 30 government forces injured whereas 200 Traffickers were shot dead and over 1000 were captured who were sentenced to life in various work camps throughout the empire.  With the main center destroyed, government has declared that war on drugs has been a triumph for government. 9000 gm of illegal drugs, 30 hand guns, 2 machine guns, Nrs 30,000, NS$ 900,000, 1000 knifes, 8 counterfeit passports were found in the raid. Government has assured that policy of zero-tolerance on drugs shall still be followed.